100% Owned & Operated By Cats + FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!

Meet the team


Leo's the founder and creative genius of the company who lives for unique ideas and new products. Leo needs his space, but when he rejoins the group, he's always filled with ideas we've never heard before.


Sasha is the glue that keeps it all together, handling everything from customer requests to the legal mumbo-jumbo. Her work often goes unnoticed behind the scenes but is crucial to the company's success.

Winchester "Winny"

Winny handles everything technical for the website and order fulfillment. He takes a lot of naps and likes to take it easy, which is why he he uses technology to automate everything he can.

The First Company 100% Owned & Operated By Cats

We have a revolution on our hands people. It's a new era in business, and we hope you'll join us as we lead the way. Most companies like Amazon and Walmart have no personality, but we believe things should be different.

Many of the top Fortune 500 companies already actually have feline executive leadership. We are just the first to make our ownership public. We won't be intimidated any longer, and we hope you'll support our rights to do this in this new era of animal business ownership.


FREE SHIPPING ON EVERY ORDER - because it's the 21st century, and just like tipping, this should not be used as an excuse to charge the customer more.

WE SHIP DIRECTLY FROM OUR MANUFACTURERS - to offer the lowest prices

FINAL PRICES SHOULD BE SHOWN UP FRONT - to simplify your shopping experience

If you believe in these things like we do, then spread the word and support our store, so THIS can become the new normal like it should be. 

Featured Collection - Lamps & Lighting


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Email: contact@oxedy.com

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